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Progressive Guard

Developed by Master Sylvio Behring, Progressive guard is a unique series of self defence “techniques” that are used against common attacks while you are on the ground.  In fact the system actually contains a series of techniques and positions to protect you and counter attack from the ground.

There are essentially, three (3) phases to Progressive Guard. Part A, which deals with basic attacks while you are on your back and your attacker is standing up. Part B, deals with a series of defences of situations, while someone is actually in your guard, while you are on the ground. The final series or “Pass Guard” is just that. In this sequence, the emphasis is more on the attacker, passing the guard of his training partner.


Sylvio Behring - Master Professor

Master Sylvio Behring"Sylvio Behring is regarded as one of the top grappling instructors in the world, having helped develop the games of fighters such as Fabricio Werdum, Anderson Silva, Marcio Corleta and many others."

Sylvio Behring started training in 1966 at the age of four, out of Master Joao Alberto Barretos' Academy (9th degree, red belt under Master Helio Gracie). He primarily trained with his younger brother Marcelo Behring under the watchful eye of his father, Master Flavio Behring, also a direct student of Helio Gracie.

In 1972, they moved to Sao Paulo and trained at Professor Gastao Gracie Junior's School. Master Flavio Behring would teach all the classes when they would visit. This played an important part in developing the self-defense skills of Sylvio Behring and his brother Marcelo. During the summers, Sylvio and Marcelo would train at Master Alvaro Barretos' School (9th degree, red belt / blackbelt) in Copacabana. When they moved back to Rio, Sylvio signed up with Master Alvaro and began studying and developing his understanding of the Progressive method of teaching. They trained everything: self-defense, Judo and very technical ground fighting (gi and no gi grappling). Under Master Alvaro's instruction, Sylvio would receive his Blackbelt.

Training was intense between freestyle and reality-based self-defense. Sylvio, along with Marcelo, trained in Judo with Sensei Helcio Gama, Ney Wilson, Marco Aurelio Gama and Julio Gama. In 1982, Master Flavio Behring felt that his sons were ready for the next step in Judo so he signed them up at Sensei Mehdis' School. There, they would learn a lot of Jiu-Jitsu and Judo from Edgard Freitas while having had the honour of attending classes with Sensei de Lucca, Master Helio Gracie, Master Relson Gracie, Master Rickson Gracie, Sensei Geraldo Bernardes and countless others.

Master Professor Sylvio Behring was honored as the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coach in Brazil in 2003 and is currently regarded as one of the premiere Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructors in the world. He continues to bring honour to his father, his family, the art and the history of Jiu-Jitsu through his diligent practice, love of the art, his patience as a teacher and the respect that he gives to all of those that have the privilege of meeting him in person. He is an inspiring Martial Artist, a gentleman and a true Master.

Sylvio Behring recently received his 7th Degree in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Grand Master Alvaro Barreto and witnessed by Grand Masters Flavio Behring and Joao Alberto Barreto.


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